Your Life: It’s Calling for You.

It begins with a vague feeling of dissatisfaction and the thought, “I’m not where I’m supposed to be.”

Perhaps you’ve been in your current position, or one like it, for most of your career. You’ve established yourself professionally, been promoted a couple of times – but you’ve hit a wall. Your progress has stalled.

Maybe, despite your best efforts, you’ve been laid off due to the current economic climate. Once the panic has settled, you have an unsettling feeling that this is good thing. But, why? What’s the message? What to do now?

Or, you’ve left a fulfilling job to tend to your family. Now that the kids are in school you wonder about a bigger vision, one that includes you and the vague idea of what success means now.

Regardless of the scenario, there is a rift in your soul and a very real and palpable urge to do something else, go somewhere else, be someone else. The feeling won’t let go, no matter how hard you try to rationalize it away. There is an inner pull, a draw, a passion down there somewhere, but what does it all mean?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’ve been where you are. And I can tell you that it’s your life in its most magnificent form. And it’s calling for you. Don’t keep your Calling waiting. Whatever your destination, I will help you get there. Leave your dissatisfaction behind, rediscover your professional and creative passion, and call me today.

The time to move forward is now.

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