Anat Treister-Goren


Anat is an international facilitator and executive coach. She works with multiple international organizations and offers Coach Training workshops, Organizational Consulting, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Coaching and in-house Relationship Facilitation. Her clients achieve financial enhancement and develop organizational resilience and sustainability for the ever changing global market.

Dr. Treister-Goren is a certified Organizational Relationship System Coach and facilitator. She specializes in team coaching and has extensive experience working with management teams, cross functional teams, partnerships, cross cultural teams, directory boards, family businesses, and more. Her work focuses on both the relationship aspects and the productivity aspects of teams. She also offers team assessments, trainings, and collaborative leadership workshops.

As an international trainer, Anat works for two world leading coach-training programs: The Coaches Training Institute and The Center for Right Relationships. She is also a subcontractor for Ken Blanchard (a world known provider of Executive Coaching). Examples of her clients are INTEL, Credit Swiss, UNICEF, MSF, Micron, SAS, Cap Gemini, Altshuler-Shaham investment house, and numerous executives and teams around the world.

Her individual services include being an Executive Coach who works with senior and mid-level managers and hi-potentials. She is certified in 360 assessments, including 'The Leadership Circle 360 assessment, and Booth 360. Her experience includes coaching and leadership development of hi-potentials, senior and mid-level leaders, extensive work with women in leadership positions, and many more. Anat also serves as a consultant to HR professionals for short and long term designs of organizational development programs. The models Anat works with are based on latest findings in fields such as Emotional and Social Intelligences, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Change integration and management, System Work, Deep Democracy, Co-Active Coaching, and more.

In her past careers, Dr. Treister-Goren has been a lecturer and researcher in areas of Schizophrenic thought disorder, Medication effects on Schizophrenic thought processing, Linguistics and Conversational Analysis, Speech Pathology, Brain and Language, in major universities in the US and Israel for over ten years, and worked in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies in the area of Psychiatry. She had also worked for several years in the private sector as a senior executive in hi-tech companies focused on speech recognition and artificial intelligence, serving in business development, R&D, and marketing positions. In her more distant past she was a professional singer and actress. Thus, she is well rounded in both managerial and leadership aspects as well as in emotional and social intelligence competencies and skills. Her services combine her education as a coach and facilitator with her expertese from past careers.

Skills & Accreditations

  • Ph.D., University of Washington, Neurolinguistics/Speech-Language Pathology, 1991.
  • M.Sc., University of Washington, Speech Science, 1989.
  • B.A., U of California Davis, Theoretical Linguistics, 1985.
  • Master Certified Coach, ICF accredited.
  • Organizational Relationship System Coach Certified (ORSCC), the Center for Right Relationship, USA. December 2008
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), the Coaches Training Institute, USA, 2006
  • The Leadership Circle 360 Certified Assessor, 2012.
  • Team Diagnostic Assessor, Team Training International, USA, 2006.
  • Co-Active Leadership program, The Coaches Training Institute, USA, 2006.
  • Certified Personal and Business Coach, Telem College, Tel Aviv, 2004.

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