Fulfillment at work

At that time, I was striving – posturing and politicking to move to the next level, sweating to pass an exam that would add more initials to my name, and, in general, working very, very, VERY hard. It turned out I worked too hard. As the first of many waves of organizational restructuring appeared on the horizon, it became quite apparent that my days were numbered.

3… 2… 1… Lift off.

So I left the company and began my own odyssey in search of fulfillment at work. The questions to be answered at this stage of my journey were:

* What am I good at?
* What gives me energy?
* What drains my energy
* What is my dream job?

The journey led me into the realm of coaching and training, where I have a great passion and a natural ability. When the path became clear, I retrained and retooled. I began to thrive in a position where I could coach individuals in transition, helping them to understand their natural talents, gifts, and the weight of the value they bring to the workplace.

In 2010, I participated in the Co-Active Leadership Program where I transformed “Fulfillment at Work” from a concept into a mission. Now the scope has widened from individuals to entire organizations. During this period of development, the questions changed too. Here are just a few I’d like to share with you:

* How do we take top performing, highly technical individuals and transform them into managers?
* How do take task driven producers and get them to care about people?
* How do we move from survive to thrive in a change environment?
* What is the right mix of competencies and strengths based work for our people?
* How can we bring our senior leaders and functional managers in line with each other and the vision.

At MJ Cabanel Coaching, these are the questions we work very hard to answer…